Sustainability at the Schönruh

What does sustainability mean to us?

Being an active part of society we are constantly on the search for new ways to contribute and give something back to our environment. We consciously take responsibility in order to maintain the intact nature we gladly call home and to promote a just and fair culture for both our staff and the local residents. Running a healthy business is, of course, key but not the single goal. 

As hosts, we see big potential for sustainable solutions in a hotel and do our best to meet our ambitious plans step by step - because it is the sum of many little things that can grow into something big...

...around the corner

To achieve a culture of sustainability we always try to use as many regional and seasonal products as possible for you - from the kitchen to the paper for the daily morning post.  Short transport distances not only reduce CO2 emissions, but also ensure freshness and quality taste.

We pick our products and partners very carefully and ensure direct contact with our suppliers on a daily or regular basis. To give you a little insight, here you'll find some of the local suppliers who have been providing us with their great products for many years: farming

We are passionate about using as many organic products as possible, because only healthy soils produce a healthy crop and healthy food. Resource-efficient, organic farming preserves biodiversity and allows the soil to rest.

...preventing waste

In the first place, this involves purchasing low-waste products. We therefore select goods that come with minimal packaging and avoid excessively packaged goods where there is a choice. When it comes to food our chef gives careful consideration to appropriate storage and menu planning. We pay great attention to the correct separation of waste.

...achieving more together

We value that many guests and members of our staff are environmentally engaged and voluntarily participate or put forward green ideas:  

  • Preventing food waste by smaller portion sizes (or take a second helping from the buffet :))
  • Switcing of the lights when leaving rooms
  • Reusing towels
  • Limiting housekeeping
  • Car-pooling to work/hotel